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586 words on fat loss


-“Do more crunches, you’ll get a flat stomach!”

-“Throw in some bench-dips and those bingo-wings will be but a memory!”

-“Squat till you drop, to turn that cellulite into baby-skin again!”

Rings a bell?

I am sure, at some point in your life, someone have shared with you these interesting “facts”.

You may also have forced yourself to spend countless (boring and monotonous) hours in the gym, doing all those “right things” and still not get to where you want to be physically. You still have that fluff around your hips and that godforsaken pouch on your lower belly. You may still be cursing at that orange-peel skin on your thighs while you are trying on clothes in the shops – What’s up with that unforgiving down-light in pretty much all changing rooms, anyway?! Don’t they want us to actually buy something? (Sorry, sudden outburst!). Basically, you feel you are not getting anywhere.

Well, there is this one little important detail, one that many are still sadly unaware off (and I was too, until about 8 months ago when I decided to educate myself in Fitness and health, read about it here), let me break it down for you: You CAN’T spot reduce fat! Say it in choir, Mumz; – “You can’t spot reduce fat!” You cannot decide where your body will burn off fat, and you cannot gear it towards any particular area in any way. When I was made aware of this astonishing fact, I thought all hope was lost. How can I now get rid of my hip-wobble and how will I now even out the skin on my thighs? Well, I did my research, and understood that diet plays a way bigger part in getting that flat stomach than I thought. And that is not only in terms of fat, but also in terms of the quality of food you eat. Certain types of foods, chemicals and preservatives are notorious for making you bloated around the belly area, and when ongoing, you may assume that it’s fat and you are not busting your butt enough in the gym. Back on that treadmill then!! (urgh, I for one, hate the treadmill). No, not so fast. Research shows there are other factors that also play in to your fat-loss and that could also contribute to this evil bloatedness; lack of adequate sleep, lack of regular meals, allergies, dehydration and hormone levels (stress could be linked here). I am not some kind of expert, people, so make sure you do your own research, but please do look into these things before you end up spending hours and hours in the gym, doing a certain type of exercise, when in fact, your first stop should be the food store and loads of no-label foods.


To round off this very intense ramble about fat-loss, the obvious ideal state is the one where you are comfortable. Not everyone is looking for a 6 pack (I would be happy with a 4 pack actually… Amen 🙂 ) and not everyone is bothered by the look of their skin or a little extra jelly around their belly, heck, they may even embrace it. More power to them! But for the rest of us, that do want to change our body composition, a clean, natural and well balanced diet is key (I know, old news, right? No yawning please!), along with a combination of resistance training and different forms of cardio (urgh 😦 ).

Now, anyone up for an hour on the treadmill?? (NOOOOT!!)



Wise up, Mumz! – The importance of educating yourself in Fitness and Health

When we were in our oblivious no-children 20s’ (just a year or so ago:)) time was in abundance. We had no trouble fitting our commitments into the 24 hours we were given and could in principal waste time on whatever more or less pointless activities we wanted to.

Things change dramatically from the day you put your first little kiddo on this planet (not to mention the second one:)), suddenly your time is not yours anymore, and there is this little person who needs you to be around and be present, most parts of the day. And when it’s nap time, you have a million other things to do, like restock diapers, clean up the dishes and throw the baby clothes spread out all over the house into the laundry basket. Life as you know it is over, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. You need to apply your organizational skills. For example, it’s when I had my first kid, that I finally realized the value in putting things back in their place, the beauty of being able to find things is immense. Haha, yah, I was a bit late in that department:). The same organization had to be applied to everything and a lot of prioritization had to be made.

When it came to my own fitness, finding the time to go to the gym was tough. Hence, I needed to become smarter! I had to educate myself and maximize the time-investment. Time away from your children has to count, whether it be at work, or in the gym. You have to feel that you are spending the time wisely.


I have worked out on and off throughout my life, but never with the kind of motivation I have had after my second child. I have never been in such good physical state as I am right now, and I am still far from where I want to be. I organize my day to ensure I get that one hour in the gym, and on a weekly basis I prepare my meals. It’s the only way, otherwise my well-being will end up last priority again, and that’s not good for anyone. When you don’t feel good about yourself and you don’t have enough energy, you can easily become annoyed by things that you normally wouldn’t even reflect on, and end up blaming every man and his dog for the fact that you are not taking care of yourself. It’s YOUR job to take care of YOU, and with kids, we just have to be that little bit smarter about it, to make sure we succeed and it yields the results we are aiming for.

Here is my weekly routine, at a glance:

Saturday: Meal prep for 3 working days ahead (Sun, Mon, and Tue)

Sunday: 12 noon – Session one (usually legs, glutes, and calves, but I do switch it up)

Monday: 12 noon – Session two (usually shoulders, triceps, and maybe some treadmill incline jogging)

Tuesday: 12 noon – Session three (back, biceps)

Wednesday: Rest day – Cheat meal day (yummiiiii)

Meal prep for next 2 days (Thu and Fri)

Thursday: 12 noon – Session four (usually legs, glutes and calves, similar to Session one)

As you can see, I work out during my lunches. I arrive a little earlier to the office then my colleagues, and then I take a longer lunch to enable a 1 hour workout, and a quick shower afterwards.

That’s that, Mumz, I hope I gave you some inspiration and pushed you to get out there and research the type of workouts and schedules best suitable for your goals. In the end of the day, we all have an idea of how we want to look and feel, and if you educate yourself and organize things (and sometimes even people) around you, there is no reason why you can’t get there!






Hello Brazilian Butt!

Most people who know me, know that I have a secret obsession with Glute Exercises. Contrary to what most people may think when reading this, I don’t have an illusion of obtaining a Kardashian butt anytime soon, neither do I dream to have one. I just want to make sure that our dear friend Gravity doesn’t pull down what was once a nice, curvy feature of my body. Being a fairly vain person (understatement of the year) I do care about the bodily effects of having kids and growing older. It’s my preference, my little hobby and I keep it on a healthy and sane level (unlike some others out there injecting various more or less natural substances straight into the two cheeks, so brutal!)

At the gym nowadays, you often see rather scary chicks looking like they are going to murder someone with their black weight lifting gloves, large ear-phones and super coordinated outfit showing basically their entire 6 (sometimes a lot less) pack. I don’t hate on other women doing their thing, especially in the weights section, I solute them, but when it comes to glute exercises, the game gets a bit too serious sometimes. Changing the way our bodies are structured and growing substantial muscle mass is not something that happens overnight. It’s obvious that we are indeed effected by the image of the Beyoncé’s, the Kardashians and the Iggy Azalea’s of the world, but I still feel that’s a healthier obsession than trying to achieve the famous size 0 look. At least, growing your glutes, shouldn’t have any negative implications (unless your first attempt at lunges includes 100 kgs on your shoulders of course), rather, you could potentially become a really good biker and have great support of your pelvis. Congrats!! 🙂

My favorites are as follows:

Barbell Glute Bridges – Load that weight on, keep correct form and feel the burn! Classic glute builder!

Smith Machine Glute Kick Backs – Here I really feel the isolation, no other muscles are tempted to butt in (lol, sorry, just had to… I know, that was bad… really bad: ( )

Reverse stance on the Abductor Machine – This one is a bit unconventional perhaps, but it’s pretty darn effective!

Single Leg Deadlifts – Works both hamstrings and glutes. Took a few times before I could get the correct form (and not fall over in the process!), but it’s a great builder for both hams and glutes!

Bench Squat to Deadlift – I love the depth you feel during this exercise, you can really go on until your legs start shaking like spaghetti!

So, Mumz out there, get cracking on these butt exercises and ensure that mean, old Gravity doesn’t leave you with a flat pancake back there! Over.And.Out!



Evening Mumz out there!

My youngest son is now 10 months old. During this pregnancy I was dead scared of working out! I was making assumptions about what one could and couldn’t do, and had totally forgotten about the good old cave women, hunting all the way until giving birth. My fear was irrational and I was uninformed. Our bodies are designed to do this, to carry a child and function as we would normally. Of course, one doesn’t necessarily have to run a marathon for the first time ever in the 8th month of pregnancy, but with the right guidance from a professional it is safe to work out during pregnancy.

So, what kind of exercise can you do when you are pregnant?

Well, perhaps you should rather be asking what you can NOT do when you are pregnant (provided you are healthy and have a normal pregnancy), since there are an array of possible exercises available to you.


Walking: Obviously the most natural and safe form of movement

Swimming: Is often recommended to pregnant women for multiple reasons; it works large muscle groups, it is a cardiovascular exercise which helps relief some of the common pregnancy symptoms like swelling, heaviness, strain on joints and ligaments. And, it feels a bit like a treat for the mum to be, since it’s tranquil and gives you some well-deserved me-time.

Aerobics: Aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and helps tone your body. You can go to classes that are modified to suite pregnant women, or you can join a regular aerobics class, but make sure to inform the class teacher of your pregnancy so he/she can guide you through the workout safely.

Dancing: My absolute favorite, and personally one I have done with each of my children when I felt it was time for them to enter the world (I literally danced them out to Stevie Wonder). Needless to say, your chance of being casted as a background dancer on the next J-Lo video is pretty slim, but you will have a good time! I kept laughing at myself in the mirror, I totally looked like a hippo

Jogging: Jogging is great for you during pregnancy, just make sure you choose a tempo that your body is used to, no crazy HIIT training with a big belly, please

Yoga: Yoga can keep you toned and also provide a sanctuary for your spirit. Doing yoga during pregnancy can prepare your body and mind for the beautiful challenge it is to put a baby into this world.

Weight training: As long as you take the necessary precautions and have good form (perform the movements in a correct and controlled manner, here, you may want to get some expert advice in the gym to ensure safety) weight training has great benefits. You can reduce loss of muscle mass, and increase or maintain your strength throughout the pregnancy.

Bear in mind Mumz, pregnancy is not a time during which you should aim to lose body fat, burn excessive number of calories or lose belly fat. It is a time to exercise for wellness and for strength so that you can better handle the mental and physical strain of pregnancy as well as the crazy and overwhelming experience it is to give birth!



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