If I got a coin for every time I say or write “you cannot be everything to everyone, nor should you try” I would be on a beach in Bali, sipping expensive cocktails right now : ) And.. I have just proven myself right… In any case..


Last few weeks I have been MIA here on Awesome Mumz, too much to do and too little time to sit down and focus. 2017 is a year of change, this is felt all around me. Many of my friends, colleagues and just random people I meet, are making changes in their lives, one way or the other. Sometimes it’s a new job, a relocation to a different country, or, just a simple change of deciding to do something for themselves. Change is a funny thing, it creeps up on us and suddenly we get the feeling that it is very urgent, almost crucial, when a month or two back, all things were status quo. I am a great believer in the purpose of everything, every meeting, every event, even the smallest one, can have major consequences for your neighbor, your friend or for yourself. We cross paths, share ideas and our plans, we inspire each other, and even one sentence can lead to someone making a 360 change in their lives. What I am saying is that our encounters with other people are more powerful than we may realize, and we must always strive to inspire each other to change, change for the better of course. And be pro-active at it, not wait until the last minute, do it now. This is what I am doing in this very moment. Trying to inspire YOU to make a change.

Identify an area of your life that you are not happy with, figure out why. Is your job uninspiring? Are you studying, but maybe something that is not interesting to you? Are you drained with taking care of screaming kids to the point where you lock yourself into the bathroom pretending to have stomach issues 🙂 Lol, if that’s you, then you can make a change. Nothing good ever comes from just accepting status quo. Most great inventions and new ways of doing things, came from people not willing to accept status quo. They looked at how something was currently being done, and said to themselves “hey, there must be a better way of doing this”. Of course, sometimes they would also come up with things “by chance” along the way, or, was it really by chance? Sir Branson says “Chance favors a prepared mind”, and as much as he is Sir Branson, sooo, yah, but still, there is something to it.

Now you will say “Yes, but it’s not easy”… No one ever said change would be easy, it most certainly isn’t. It can be painful and crazy challenging, in more ways than one. But above all, it is tainted by the emotion often associated with change – fear. This crippling emotion, one of the worst if you ask me, and I fight it constantly, because I know it is usually not founded on any real danger. When it comes to change, actual dangers can usually be anticipated, for example: the “danger” (risk is perhaps a better term) of being without money if you quit that job you so intensely detest, this risk can be mitigated by saving, and preparing financially for the change (unless you get the boot of course, then it’s a slightly different scenario perhaps). Many times, what we fear most about not working are the other bits around it; the social connection with our colleagues, having a purpose and being a part of something bigger than us. Hence, the fear in that case, is not in response to an actual physical danger, but rather a fear of a different nature.. Not to say the fear of being lonely and without purpose isn’t a dangerous one…

Enough ranting on about fear and change, I just wanted to put some of my own thoughts down on “paper”, given all the change in my life and other people around me currently. You never have to accept status quo, and you never have to just settle because that is the “easy way” in the short term. Other people are doing it, right this moment, creating change in their own lives, so why can’t you?