Entrepreneurship doesn’t always come from a longstanding dream of having your own, making loads of cash and being the boss, but can also come from circumstances. As our lives change, so does our requirements and our goals.pic change.jpg

Many women are nowadays turning to entrepreneurship and freelancing activities online. It is becoming more and more common and we are becoming quite the experts at it! We learn how to market ourselves and our services, outsourcing them and providing good value with the world as our market. Imagine that, the world is our market. It’s such an amazing opportunity, if you think about it. If we have a solution to someone’s problem, a service someone needs, or can simply be entertaining or thought-provoking, we have a great chance to make money, and quite a lot of it. And, at the same time, we can remain in control of our time and be flexible.

It is for the flexibility that many mothers consider this way of working.

It is challenging, doing the 9-5 (or 6 or 7:() then coming home and trying to spend some quality time with your kids, at the same time as they have to eat, shower, do their homework, get ready for bed, etc etc. We miss many after-school activities and school shows/seminars, because the boss will not always show lenience and let you nip off early. The frustrations of always feeling like we are not quite enough at work, and not quite enough at home, drives us in this direction. And it’s a really great avenue to explore.

But (because there always has to be a BUT to something that sounds too good to be true) it’s not as easy as it sounds. It takes TIME to build it up. Business online is much like any other kind of business. You can’t just open a website and expect the world to directly come running. It’s a long learning curve, lots of research and passion needed, but with time and serious effort, you can definitely get there.

Here are some of the activities loads of mumz are doing out there:

1)      Web design – Who doesn’t need a kick-ass web-designer nowadays, right?  A solid profession that you can easily launch online.

2)      Content Writer – Are you a talented writer? Are you good in research and interested enough in everything to be able to write about anything?

3)      SEO or Social Media Consultant – Much the way that you may need these kinds of services when you open a new online business, there are plenty of need for these services online. You don’t need any lengthy education, but you do need to be on top of you game, since competition is pretty fierce!

4)      Virtual Assistant – Have you got administration or assistant experience? Working as an assistant online is a very easy way to get started and build your network. There are several agencies specializing in these kinds of services.

5)      App development – Apps are here, and here to stay. The need for this service will only grow and it’s one that is easy to start with on a freelancing basis.

Any other experience you may have, for example legal, technical, financial etc, can be used to provide advice as a consultant to businesses or private people.

So, mummies, if you feel the frustrations of everyday 9-5 life, then start laying the ground for change. Allocate a little time every night, after the kids have gone to bed, and start building your profile online. For a while it will be tough, almost like having a second job at night, but after some time you will have built up a network strong enough to carry you financially and you will be in a position to  put that letter in your boss’s hand and say “Thank you and Bye Bye”!