I know a lot of people are allergic to the “Be positive” wave that has been going around for the past couple of years. Some people really implement this positive thinking as a profound lifestyle and find immense fulfillment in that, and some will try it out and find that it’s not for them.

I tried, quite actively for a while, to really police my own thoughts; I would cast away any negative thought that emerged in my head, I shut down other people’s negativity swiftly, to the point where my friends would start laughing every time they had some negative gossip to share, and they would hold their hands on my ears so to avoid me hearing them whine. It was a lot of work, to be frank with you, policing your every thought and constantly reflecting on other people’s negativity, but I sure wish I would have the focus and will to continue. It was already a good learning, during those couple of weeks, we surround ourselves with so much negativity, and it’s scary in fact. And it’s only when we start to cut that out of our daily brain-feed, that we realize the extent of it. We are definitely more negative than positive in general, we attract other negative people and adopt their negative energy as well. Someone talks about their issues and problems, and instead of focusing on them in a positive light, trying to find solutions as well as identify key learnings, we dwell in it, we love it in fact! And it’s a kind of sick love, loving something you know very well is not good for you.

It’s not a bunch of hocus pocus, positive thinking can really change the way you perceive your life, your surroundings and everyone in it. When you focus on the good in everything, you are by default acknowledging it, which is something that we are (in general, at least in the “developed world”) very bad at. We stare ourselves blind and beyond on the things we don’t have, and in that, we forget all the things we do have. Many of us are born with massive privileges, right from day 1, but we don’t realize it, and can many times be completely ignorant about it, as if all babies in the world are born with those privileges. We don’t appreciate, and according to the most popular positive thinking philosophy – “Law of Attraction”, receiving can only start from gratitude.

A few people around me would shake their heads, and say that it’s a load of hippie-crap, and we should go back to some good ol’ complaining whenever we feel like it, but its not only about how we feel, its also about what we produce here in life. As Sir Branson mentioned once on the radio here in Dubai “I realized, he said, that negativity is not productive”…. It got me thinking. Such a simple statement, just hit home with me on that day. Negativity is not productive. No one can argue this. There is nothing good that ever came from things like whining, gossiping and self-pitty, or bad attitudes. For sure, things can be bad sometimes in life, and there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that, but it’s all about HOW you choose to acknowledge it. How do you choose to face negativity and difficult situations? That’s what separates a person who will come up with creative solutions to a problem, implement it and move on with life, and someone who will complain and whine, which leads to further negativity and then they will keep running in that wheel. Round and round, until they don’t know their right foot from their left, and certainly have no perspective on anything outside of the wheel.


So, I dare you, and in fact, I dare myself to:

-Think positive thoughts for 3 days.

-Whenever a negative thought comes into your head, actively remove it.

-Whenever someone is negative around you and try to transfer that onto you, please ask them to stop or stop listening if you must sit there : )

-Surround yourself actively with positivity, no depressing political debates on TV (no Trump please), no horror movies, nothing like that.

Then, tell me, if you somehow feel lighter, and if you have realized that life is actually pretty good, or, at least a lot better than it was 3 days earlier.