Dear Chocolate Cake

I hate that I love you.

Best regards,



While the governments of the world are busy trying to forbid people smoking in public areas, drinking too much alcohol too young, and are using various forms of restrictions to combat other important health threats, one of the biggest threats to our well-being is constantly overlooked; Sugar.

This addiction is one that I would like to claim is perhaps more dangerous than some of the others because of numerous factors:

-It is socially acceptable to be addicted to sugar – No one will stare at you funny because you are shoving a 1 kg chocolate bar down your throat on a Tuesday morning before 9am, heck, they may even admire you if you manage to stay slim (note: I wrote slim, not healthy, big difference there, Mumz) in the process!

-You will not know that you are addicted, as it is difficult to detect, and is closely linked to how good you are at listening to your own body and reading the signs.

-Sugar is EVERWHERE! In EVERYTHING! Talk about conspiracy theories, that’s a big one for ya! Sugar in all shapes and forms, with more or less fancy re-wording is added to everything, because that makes a product more yummi and therefore easier to sell. Also, it feeds this widespread and ever so lucrative addiction and people will come back to buy that same product.

-Consumption can be linked to how you feel – emotional binging. “I had such a rough day, I deserve some Ben and Jerrys”, or, “I didn’t get that job I really wanted, so let me just comfort myself with some chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of coke”

-Sugar is easily accessible and soooooo cheap!

Sugar addiction is one of the most common addictions amongst our youth today. It starts from Coca-Cola machines being added in the school corridors to commercials for Kinder before the kids movie starts in the cinema. One can always debate whether to forbid your child to eat those things, but the question remains if that is really a way to deal with the problem, or if it may rather postpone and magnify the inevitable. Some of the children I know who grew up with such restrictions are today the biggest sugar addicts on earth. Then again, I had no restrictions, and so am I 🙂 hmmm

Perhaps the chocolate bars and the Coca Colas of the world are not the biggest threat, but rather the sugar nowadays added to our regular staple food, especially when you are eating out.

I encourage everyone to read on the back of foods that you buy in the supermarket, even the ones where you could not even imagine that any form of sugar could be added, you will be amazed!

I am totally guilty, though. A complete sugar addict, and pretty much always been. I think that is why I enjoy researching it and informing myself about my own addiction. They say information is power. Hopefully I can go about some change or at least replace my bad habit with a less harmful one.

On that note…

…chocolate cake…