Don’t you ask yourself sometimes, what is real?

Some of the very fundamental elements of our lives are not real anymore:

The food we eat:

-Heavily modified to increase shelf life

-Added chemicals to remove any trace of unthinkable bacteria that was once a natural part of our diets

-A million forms of fake sugar, to avoid actually having to eat the real one

All of these modifications, at what cost? Our food is no longer real.

The air we breathe:

-I live in Dubai, need I say more? Though this is common to most other countries that have a warm climate most parts of the year. I breathe more air condition air than I breathe normal air. It is to blame for regular neck issues due to the draft if you sit straight below one, as well as the lovely spread of all kinds of viruses from office to office/apartment to apartment.

-Polluted air, pretty much everywhere we go, we are fed with chemicals as a result of our fancy, modern lifestyle.

How is this going to affect our generation, when we grow old? Our air is no longer real.

The products we interact with:

-Do you know why they advise you to wash newly bought clothes before you wear them the first time? -How come toys need to be properly washed and dried off before given to your children, and preferably not plastic but rather wooden toys?

-Exposure to all these electrical devices we now feel are necessary for our social survival and for many also a source of income and information sharing.

We are constantly in contact with synthetic materials and artificial replacements of the good old stuff. Our materials are no longer raw, no longer real.

The internet 

-What was once meant to be the epiphany of realness, raw and unfiltered sharing of opinions and information, across the entire globe, is no longer real. It is so heavily geared towards what we like and don’t like. If one day I search on a particular topic, then the next day when I enter my facebook page I see ads and pop-ups and article links for that same thing. It is setup to dish out what we like, perhaps to avoid too much interaction with things we don’t like. Confrontation and questioning of your own standpoint has always been developing for people, so perhaps Internet is becoming another tool in a comprehensive system to keep us all in our corners, happily thinking the world around us look and think the same as we do.

The list goes on and on.

And if you look at all of these consequences, ultimately they are geared towards someone, somewhere, making more money from the basics that we require in life. Simple.

You may ask yourself, what in life is then real?

There is one thing, which we can always rely on, and that’s our relationships. Our human to human connections, face to face, unfiltered and unedited. There, we are still in charge. In particular, the relationships we have with our young children. Before they are effected by all the un-realness of the world, they are real and we have a chance at real discussions and reflections.

Embrace it.