sucky day.jpgWe all have those days when everything goes wrong from the very beginning.

We wake up, tired, by a baby screaming in our ear.

When we lift baby up from the bed, we realize the need to upgrade the diaper size to No 6 XXL because the baby just filled the diaper and the bed with wee. Cussing no 1.

We go out into the kitchen, only to realize that we forgot to buy coffee the day before while in the shop. Cussing no 2.

Late for school drop off, and realize on the way there that we left the swimming trunks for today’s swimming class on the kitchen table. Cussing no 3.

And so it continues…

By the time you are supposed to hit the gym, all kinds of excuses will come to mind:

-I am stressed, so I won’t be able to focus and do things properly anyway

-I didn’t get enough sleep

-I should really rather do some extra work, its s busy right now

-I haven’t eaten properly anyways, so I will not have enough energy

All these excuses, when in fact exercise is exactly what you need. The perfect remedy!

Exercise has the remarkable ability to make you feel just that little bit better about yourself and your life. And it’s not some kind of magic involved here, no rabbits jumping out of hats, it’s the amazing physiological finding called endorphins.

The principal function of endorphins is to inhibit the transmission of pain signals and there are theories suggesting that endorphins were introduced in us humans in order for us to handle the strains of hunting and running longer distances. Our bodies have the most amazing security system, even against ourselves and our own natural functions. The effect endorphins had on us would stop us from giving up and falling down on the ground from exhaustion while trying to run after and kill that yummi bison : ) A way to distract us from our own bodily limits on our quest for food for survival. I find it rather fascinating, that today when working out, we are aware of this lovely piece of hormone that is released into our system, we can understand and expect it. That carrot, along with the intellectual realization that exercise is going to make you feel better about your day and everything in it, should be enough for you to get your butt moving!

Now, I’m about to move my butt into bed! Nighty!