I feel the need to share a few lines about this horrible disease that both of my boys had during the summer in Washington. 

The symptoms started just like a normal cold; sore throat and a fever. Not a super high temperature, just between 38-39 degrees Celsius.

The fever lasted for about 1 or 2 days and that’s when I started to see red spots in the back of the mouth.

These red spots became painful blisters that spread all over the inside of the mouth to the outside. It also started to spread to the palm of the hands and the soles of the feet. The first blister I saw on my 3 year old was on his leg and then it spread to his feet, hands and the outside of his mouth, so I realized that it could start on different locations. 


In the beginning I thought it was chickenpox. The difference with chickenpox is that it spreads all over the body. So, a neighbor had a look at it and said right away that it looked like the “hand, foot and mouth disease” and that kids there have it all the time! I looked it up on the web and felt pretty sure that’s what it was.

The blisters and spots turned into open sores that were really painful, especially on the soles of the feet. I felt so sorry for my little ones trying desperately to run around as usual on their tiny feet, while stopping and crying because the pain was too much for them to bear.


After about a week the sores started to dry out and 2 weeks after the skin on the palms and the feet started to peel of and new, healthy skin came through. Even some of the toenails fell off, unbelievable! I would say that from the first day to when the sores where not visible anymore it was around 3-4 weeks. Insanely long and super horrible to see as a parent, you would pretty much do anything to transfer their pain onto you!

How did they catch it? Well a visit to Chuck E. Cheese that they had been looking forward to with such anticipation had made them sick . Kids, germs, dirt and more dirt.Exactly 3-5 days after which is the incubation time, they started showing symptoms.

I felt really hopeless during this painful ordeal. Of course we gave them some pain relieve, Tylenol or Alvedon (similar to Panodol, in Sweden) the first few days when the blisters were really painful and then I made sure they had loose comfortable clothes on. Gave them a lot of popsicles because they just didn’t want to eat much during the first days due to the pain. Anything to cheer them up and distract them from the obvious!

I never put them in the bathtub when the sores were open, because there could be risk of infection.

This disease is a one timer. So, if you have had it you can not catch it again and it’s really rare that adults get it.

If you want to read more about the  “hand, foot and mouth disease” also called “Höstblåsor” in Swedish, then check this link out: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand,_foot,_and_mouth_disease

So all you Mumz or Dadz out there hopefully you will never encounter this disease, but if you do hopefully I have helped you a little bit on how to deal with it!

Have a nice week!