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I posted into several forums the following very simple question:

What do you find most unattractive about a man?

Now, it seems my faith in the female population of the world was rather poor, since I had expected majority of the replies to be concerning superficial bodily features and/or materialistic possessions, but boy, was I wrong. Most of the replies were way deeper and awfully real, yes my ladies! Here comes the top 10 comments to my little enquiry:

  1. Someone who has tendencies of hatred, bigotry, arrogance, smugness, hyperbolic cynicism (“People are all stupid”)
  2. Someone uninspired, unmotivated, apathetic and ignorant. No thanks!
  3. Someone unpunctual, overly needy or overly insecure.
  4. Men who are excessively concerned with gender roles and lacks the flexibility of the modern world. It’s like they are stuck in time, not hot!
  5. Smoking and bad hygiene; take care of yourself, otherwise how can I want you to take care of meJ
  6. Self entitlement and sexism, just shows lack of intelligence and evolution
  7. Plucks his eye brows or fake tans
  8. Superiority complexes. Nothing is more annoying than someone who belittles you and thinks they are above you
  9. Apathy and lack of sense of humor. Also not sexy with men who can’t get along with people and carry themselves in social occasions.
  10. Lack of money. Lack of sports car. Lack of height. Lack of cool job. Lack of muscle body. Lack of handsome face. Obviously.

Sorry, had to include the last one, to create a little balance J but in all honesty, I didn’t get many replies similar to nr. 10. Most of the replies dealt more with the mentality of our men, and how important it is for them to be current, not suffer from some kind of old-school subscription to stereotypical gender roles. Men with lack of sense of humor, and men who are not motivated and lazy also seem to be at the top of the list (or at the bottom, rather).

So, my dear male readers (perhaps not so many…yet) time to get out there and riot in the next feministic march for equal rights, brush up on those sad old jokes and make sure to have goals in life and be motivated and driven. Do all those things and you should be well on your way to being that irresistible bachelor every lady is looking for. Oh, and then the sports car… Obviously… : )