Rushing to finish breakfast quickly.

Rushing to be on time for school drop offs.

Rushing to finish work.

Rushing out of the office to reach home on time for handover of children.

Rushing to give them a bath and feed them before bed.

Rushing for them to sleep, so that you can sit down and do some of the things you need to do, or take care of that forgotten pile of laundry.

Rushing to fall asleep, because that alarm clock goes off in 5 hours and you know coffee will be your only friend the next day.

Rushing. All. Day. Every. Day


It’s bad enough that we, as parents, as mothers, are rushing all the time, but what does it really do to the children? Is this a life for a young mind, all this rushing?

Is the life we are providing for our children, one that is healthy for them?

Children need time. Time to play in peace, time to eat slowly and not always be rushed, time to learn things and stop and reflect on stuff along the way. Is our lifestyle and our choices facilitating that?

Or, perhaps we are so focused on the materialistic things we are trying to provide for them, and how we are going to acquire that, that we forget about the most important one of them all; Time. And it is passing, by the minute, by the second. We focus on money; paying fancy future university studies, buying that giant Ninjago Lego Castle for Christmas and buying iPads so they can play interactive games and learn something, when you need peace and quiet. We think about savings-accounts, money for driver’s license, a start-up capital, maybe something we never had, but perhaps we had other things. Maybe we had mothers and fathers who didn’t have to work 2 or 3 jobs, but could rather come home around 4 o clock and spend quality time with us. Yes, times were different, but are we better off now? Or have we ended up on the wrong side of the road, driving against traffic?

At night, before I fall asleep (which is usually a window of about 2 minutes), I have made it a habit to remember. Remember some of the things that happened on that day. I am not talking about presentations at work or juicy gossip over fb with my girlfriends, but rather the moments I have with the little ones. I visualize how they look at me, their smiles and their eyes, those little eyes, looking to me for guidance, support and love.

It’s a major responsibility, to give them the best we can, but it’s an even bigger task, trying to find out, what that really is.