pic kim k.jpgHold every train! Ground every airplane! Stop everything happening on this entire planet, Kim Kardashian West just got robbed!

Apparently some rather genius and super informed robbers dressed as police men (so original) managed to get into where Kim Kardashian West was staying, tied her up (now THAT would surely blow up the internet) and stole jewellery worth around 10 million dollars.

Strangely enough there was no security nearby, and there was plenty of time for these guys to go about their business before authorities was notified. Seems these guys were very well informed (obviously keeping up with the Kardashians! Oh I knooooow, that was totally bad), and that they knew where she would be and what she would have on her. I suppose, wearing jewellery worth 10 million dollars may be what the Kim K’s of the world would consider business as usual, but to us peasants it sounds rather outrageous, it’s almost screaming “Rob me, Rob me, because what else can I do with all my money”.

Whenever there are scandals or these kinds of life-changing celebrity events, we can smell the PR-smoke. Out of all the rich people in the world, currently walking around with jewellery worth 10 million dollars, you guys had to rob Kim K? Isn’t that just too much of a coincidence?

I love conspiracy theories, and as soon as one or two, throughout history have been revealed, it goes to show that we cannot trust anything we see or hear in the media. There is a purpose and agenda to every story. No story is told without the thought of why, behind it.

And where was our US president to be, Kanye West? He should have been there, saving his queen from this degrading experience. Well, that’s surely another piece of information the robbers were well aware of. I am sure they have seen how Kanye interacts with paparazzi, surely that should be an indication of what he would do to robbers trying to steal his wife’s 10 million dollar jewellery.

So, Mumz, the grand message here is an important one: Avoid wearing jewellery worth 10 million dollars, while on a stay in Paris, and if you must wear jewellery worth 10 million dollars, then do so on safe USA ground (huh?), with plenty of security around! OH, and don’t forget to have your very capable husband around to defend you against any unwanted attention you may attract as a result of wearing your 10 million  –  dollar    – jewellery.