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It’s Sunday evening.

You have one whiny kid attached to one leg, and another asking you to read the bed-time story just once more, at the same time as the ever-growing pile of laundry is starring you in your face. Hand on your heart, will you actually have time to create 5 different types of cuisines for your meals during that week? The short answer to that is no.

Does that mean that you now have a free pass to have McDonalds or cheap, greasy Chinese food every day? Well, not really, at least not if eating clean is what you are aiming for.

Since I am an expert at over-planning my weekends and all the fun things I want to do with the kids, I tend to end up doing the food shopping too late in the day, which leaves me with little or no time to actually prepare the food. I am sure many of you Mumz out there will look at those ambitious meal-prep pictures online and think that you will never have time to put that together for yourself every fortnight. Let me share with you ladies, what I do when I don’t have the time to prepare something nice and varied, and yet not quite ready to throw in the towel on my healthy eating. The following literally takes me about 20 minutes:

  • One Carb plastic container: Fill a plastic container with only Carbs, of course, ensure they are clean sources. My favorites are quinoa, brown pasta and broccoli. Mix it all up or choose only one for every batch
  • One massive veggie plastic container: Fill one massive plastic container with lots of different kinds of veggies that you like. Throw in some sources of good fats like chia seeds or nuts and seeds.
  • One massive protein Tupperware: here you may want to split into two or three sections, provided you are not going hardcore and just rolling with one protein source for the batch, but it’s advisable to switch up your sources of nutrition. If I don’t have time, canned tuna is definitely one part, and then maybe some diced up chicken. My favorite though is oven baked salmon or honey glazed grilled tofu (yummy), but that tends to take a little more time, its totally worth it though!

That’s all and that’s it! Every time you are due to eat, you just take a smaller plastic container, fill it with all 3 (ratios as per your fitness goals and activity levels). This way you are keeping your eating clean, without over-complicating the recipes and you are getting what your body needs to produce the results you desire.

Some women out there will now argue that this food is boring and monotonous. Well, I believe the most important element you should go through during your fitness journey is to re-think your relationship to food. If you ask your parents and people of their generation, they may tell you that when they were young, they didn’t always enjoy every single meal they ate. Food was considered fuel, something essential to their survival, and the really enjoyable meals would take place during weekends and holidays. I don’t believe it is our God-given right to have a fine culinary experience every single meal we have. Detach yourself from food, and try to eat with your brain and not with your emotions, at least for most parts of the week. Then, when you do decide to go all out and eat whatever you really enjoy, believe me, it’s a euphoric experience! It’s seriously a high! Also, because there is no guilt involved, and you know you have deserved a treat!

So, Mumz, even if you are new to the very scary term “meal-prep” then approach it like this, and you will see that it’s a simple and also cheap way to start, with minimal time investment. Bon appetite!