So, it has now been confirmed that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a divorce. And the social media literally BLEW UP around this story! People (mainly women, sadly) are now at full speed with analyzing what went wrong and who cheated on who with who. Names included are Marion Cottilard, who has since completely denied any involvement in this mess. The coverage of this is rather disgraceful, but hey, nothing new there.

What is interesting here is how we are always very interested in someone else’s failure at marriage, even better of course, if it is a celebrity? I mean, if THEY can’t make it work, with all those nannies, cleaners, drivers and other support staff around to cushion the experience, then how can we? It makes us somehow feel better about ourselves and our situation.

In addition to the fact that following these celebrity couples is a total waste of time and brain space (which could be used for other things like keeping track of afterschool activities, birthdays of distant relatives we don’t really care about etc), we should know that we never have the full picture of anything. We don’t know what is happening behind closed doors. And do we really want to know? Don’t we have enough drama with what is happening behind our own? Or is our engagement and keen interest in these celebrity women’s lives in fact just an activity to brighten our own image of ourselves and our relationships.

Statistics tell us that more than 50% of marriages worldwide end up in divorce. Some countries slightly below or very much above, but the trend is clear; it is going up. Perhaps we have lost faith in the idea of forever after? Perhaps we are no longer feeding our young ladies with the idea that that fairy-tale day is going to be the start of the best thing that ever happened to them? Some aspects of this picture is clearly cracking.

Sounds depressing? It’s NOT, on the contrary! In the end of the day the goal has to be for us to become better at staying together and understanding what it takes to do that. Maybe marriage can sometimes give a false sense of security to a relationship, if we weren’t so sure that he would be there every morning when we wake up (because if he didn’t want to, it would be an administrative nightmare) we would have to fight that little bit harder for him to want to stick around and vice versa. Then we would just be together, nothing more to it, keeping it simple instead of complicating something already complicated enough.

Togetherness – A word I prefer to use, as it evens out the playing field, is a true reflection of what it means to be partners in life and sounds really really beautiful to me.

Good luck Brangelina, it’s a jungle out there, and finding someone compatible and someone who makes you happy is not easy. But as my Dad always responds when someone says “It’s not easy” – “Well”, he says, “it’s not that hard either” 🙂