There is no such thing as music.

Music is unique in how it can resurrect old times. Like a time capsule, it can bring you to a distant time and place. It can engage your sense of smell, taste and touch.

When a certain song comes on, it may bring you back to that night when you had dinner with a boy called Tommy that you were madly in love with, and you will remember details about that night, such as how delicious that strawberry ice-cream was or the funny waiter who kept making jokes when he passed by your table. You may remember how you provided comfort to a grieving friend, who had just lost her puppy named Cutie, in a tragic car accident. Music does that to you. It transcends time and space.

Emotions you thought were locked away, music can easily grab hold of, and bring back to the surface. But equally so, it also brings back happy memories, puts a smile on our faces, makes our feet begin to move and fill our hearts with this unexplainable feeling of comfort. It’s powerful, real powerful.


I think we all have those songs, those particular songs that takes us back in time and reminds us of what our lives used to be all about. It reminds us of the dreams and aspirations we had before the adult-every-day-life swirled us in to never return. Here are some of those songs to me:

“The very thought of you” by Ray Noble, recording by Natalie Cole

Reminds me of my Dad, of home, and Jazz, which was very prominent in our house when I was growing up.

Heartbreak Hotel” by Whitney Houston

Need I say more 🙂 One of the many songs that brings back those moments of juvenile, the-world-is-going-to-end kind of heartache that only a teenager can experience

“You can’t touch this!” by MC Hammer

Because it was the first CD I ever bought by myself (my exquisite taste in music began at an early age as you can tell). I remember how I went to the Music Store (yes, they existed at the time), paid a few bucks, and went home with this awesome, funky collection of songs by this guy who begun as a dancer and many years later ended up bankrupt (but famous nevertheless). I loved it and it was on repeat in my bedroom.

Afrodisiac” by Brandy

Because it brings me back to the time I was clubbing a lot, before I left Sweden to travel indefinitely. I remember nights where me and my girls danced and danced and danced, high on that liquid that begins with T and ends with equila. No dudes were invited, it was just us, happy and high. Life was so simple.

“Good Man” by India Arie

Music can teach you a lesson, bring your attention to something. This song did that for me. I started listening to it more and more when I had my first baby-boy, and I realized how there was now this little guy who really needed me to stay alive. He needed me to take care of myself; put that seat-belt on in the car, not take any unnecessary risks and do those general health checkups I used to put at the end of my list of priorities. Life was somehow suddenly much more precious and more fragile than before, every moment counts.

“This house is empty now” by Elvis Costello

A gentle reminder of how easy it is to lose a good thing

What’s yours?