-“Do more crunches, you’ll get a flat stomach!”

-“Throw in some bench-dips and those bingo-wings will be but a memory!”

-“Squat till you drop, to turn that cellulite into baby-skin again!”

Rings a bell?

I am sure, at some point in your life, someone have shared with you these interesting “facts”.

You may also have forced yourself to spend countless (boring and monotonous) hours in the gym, doing all those “right things” and still not get to where you want to be physically. You still have that fluff around your hips and that godforsaken pouch on your lower belly. You may still be cursing at that orange-peel skin on your thighs while you are trying on clothes in the shops – What’s up with that unforgiving down-light in pretty much all changing rooms, anyway?! Don’t they want us to actually buy something? (Sorry, sudden outburst!). Basically, you feel you are not getting anywhere.

Well, there is this one little important detail, one that many are still sadly unaware off (and I was too, until about 8 months ago when I decided to educate myself in Fitness and health, read about it here), let me break it down for you: You CAN’T spot reduce fat! Say it in choir, Mumz; – “You can’t spot reduce fat!” You cannot decide where your body will burn off fat, and you cannot gear it towards any particular area in any way. When I was made aware of this astonishing fact, I thought all hope was lost. How can I now get rid of my hip-wobble and how will I now even out the skin on my thighs? Well, I did my research, and understood that diet plays a way bigger part in getting that flat stomach than I thought. And that is not only in terms of fat, but also in terms of the quality of food you eat. Certain types of foods, chemicals and preservatives are notorious for making you bloated around the belly area, and when ongoing, you may assume that it’s fat and you are not busting your butt enough in the gym. Back on that treadmill then!! (urgh, I for one, hate the treadmill). No, not so fast. Research shows there are other factors that also play in to your fat-loss and that could also contribute to this evil bloatedness; lack of adequate sleep, lack of regular meals, allergies, dehydration and hormone levels (stress could be linked here). I am not some kind of expert, people, so make sure you do your own research, but please do look into these things before you end up spending hours and hours in the gym, doing a certain type of exercise, when in fact, your first stop should be the food store and loads of no-label foods.


To round off this very intense ramble about fat-loss, the obvious ideal state is the one where you are comfortable. Not everyone is looking for a 6 pack (I would be happy with a 4 pack actually… Amen 🙂 ) and not everyone is bothered by the look of their skin or a little extra jelly around their belly, heck, they may even embrace it. More power to them! But for the rest of us, that do want to change our body composition, a clean, natural and well balanced diet is key (I know, old news, right? No yawning please!), along with a combination of resistance training and different forms of cardio (urgh 😦 ).

Now, anyone up for an hour on the treadmill?? (NOOOOT!!)