When I was little, the highlights of the week were the Friday night “mys-kvall” – A direct translation of that would be “Cozy evening”, but a more correct wording, reflecting the real event, would be stuff-your-face-with-candy-and-popcorn-night. The second highlight was the long, very long, weekend breakfasts we used to have. On the table we had different kinds of spreads for sandwiches; it would be one or more sorts of cheese, some type of deli-meat and jam. The bread (usually buns of some sort) could be picked up from the bakery that morning (if we were ambitious) and then there was tea and juice. And we could sit for a long time, coming and going from the table in turns, until the margarine melted and the cheese started sweating. Happy memories.

In adult life, and especially since having kids, that weekend breakfast is still sacred. Even if I end up having it alone (since the kiddos at present rather crawl around and make a mess :)), it’s equally as enjoyable. The only issue, and the only thing that is tarnishing this beautiful feast-experience, is the fact that I “eat clean” during most parts of the week only to go and mess it all up in the weekend! Lol, I know, sounds like a pretty good system, right? Well, it could be, then again we are back to the point of my previous post on Fitness and Health Awareness; Time in the gym, prepping food etc, is time away from my kids, so I feel I have to make sure it’s time well spent. On that note, I try to make sure that even my traditional weekend breakfast ceremony doesn’t become super detrimental to my long-term fitness and health goals. Here are some of the healthy, yet sneakily lip- smacking breakfast alternatives for that long, lovely weekend breakfast we all deserve to have after a week of hard work:


1) Lovely Liquids: Ok, the liquid side of breakfast is essential, given it supports the flavors of the solids. My friends reading this will know that juice HAS to be a part of this, and for the ones that are not juice-lovers, a smoothie will do the same job.                                          Juices: The greener the better for me (I for one, love when it tastes as if I am drinking my garden:)) but for most folks out there something like an orange/pineapple, apple/ginger or for the more adventurous beetroot/carrot/orange are also amazing options. Try to make it from scratch if you can, if not, buy the raw juices, since the ones from concentrate are never the real deal.                                                                                                                      Smoothies: Berries/banana/oats (do not add ice, it will melt and thin out the flavor of the fruits, try rather to add the fruit while still frozen)


2) Breakfast Pizza: Ok, it’s not really a pizza, I just wanted to get your attention :). However, it’s not far from the truth; smoked salmon with cream-cheese on a thin bread-crust. Delicious, simple and a good serving of protein and healthy fats. Top it with some baby spinach or rocket (if that’s your thing) and off you go!


3) Magic muesli: Yep, this one may take you places! When it comes to muesli, always make your own! The ones you buy in the shop are either overpriced, sugar-packed, or plain out dull (sometimes all of the above mentioned). Making your own is the most simple, quick thing ever, and you can literally keep it for an eternity. I usually put all kinds of seeds and nuts I have in the cupboard (pine nuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, walnuts, chia seeds etc), add some dried fruit for sweetener (raisins, dried apricots, chopped up dates etc) and finally fill that out with some oats. I add spices such as cinnamon and cardamom and then sprinkle it with a tiny bit of sea salt. Bake it in the oven for a little bit to add some crunch and let it cool off. Do a truck load of it while you’re at it, will ya! Serve with Greek yogurt.


4) Toast the Most: For the Mumz out there who love their breads, and cannot imagine a weekend brekkie without it (yes, I am indeed one of them), there are a few fanshmastic options for the good old toast, my favorite being an avocado-egg toast; Fry/poach one egg, slice avocado on a piece of toast, then add the egg on-top and serve with a cocktail tomato mix on the side. So yummi, I could seriously live off of it (btw, did you know that people are debating online whether or not you could live off Avocados entirely? Google it! The fact that there is such a debate, tells you how healthy Avocados are :))


5) Pancakes Please!: Yes, this one is for all our American Mumz out there. Since we usually have a bit more time during the weekend, pancakes are almost a must on the weekend breakfast table. It’s also one that our kids will happily endorse. I usually make classic pancakes, but tend to replace the white flour with either oat or whole wheat flour, I don’t go overboard on the butter side of things, and I add next to no sugar to the mix. When serving, the kids will anyway add jam or honey, so the sugar inside the pancakes is somewhat unnecessary, if you ask me. I eat my pancakes with either berries or banana with raw cacao powder, so tasty! For the protein-junkies (and where the kids are not eating the pancakes) you can put one scoop of whey protein into the pancake mix, and you have added your protein fix!

Hmm… writing about all this breakfast food made me hungry! Can’t believe it’s only Tuesday, I have to wait all the way until Saturday morning for this??….no way….


It’s 23.38, on a Tuesday night, and I am making pancakes… Diet, WHAT?