So, the summer and our stay on the big continent is coming to an end, a country that gives you huge sodas when you order a small one, huge pizzas when you order a children’s pizza, huge cars, huge buildings, huge malls, basically everything here is made to be huge and impressive.

The boys went through all kinds of sicknesses and accidents . When it’s between 35-40 degrees Celsius and you live close to a forest, there are plenty of insects and trouble luring in the backyard. Bee stings, ticks, mosquito bites, grrrrr, these crazy mosquitos have been the worst because all of us react to them and the aftermath swells up like big tomatoes on our legs. The kids wake up scratching them in the middle of the night. Not to mention the daily warnings you hear about the Zika virus that now has reached Virginia. And heat warnings all the time.

Washington Monument

My oldest one ended up in the hospital because after a swim in the pool he ran inside and slipped and cut his head open and needed stitches. The worst part was not the staples that he got, but the stretcher he needed to be on to keep his head still during the stitching. 4 doctors and nurses were trying to hold him down while they strapped him up. At the same time mummy was stroking his forehead trying to calm him down and bribing him with the toy store when it was over. It is so heartbreaking seeing your child in such a run and fight mode, but knowing that it’s for his best and it has to be done.

We have to be so strong as parents. And most of the time I am, but sometimes I am not always so strong. Sometimes I break down and cry too, with or without them and I think that is ok . It is important to show your emotions and talk about them. I can tell that my 3-year-old is becoming a very caring and empathic little person so I guess we must be going in the right direction.

Home to Sweden and new beginnings for us all. We have decided to finally put our boy in preschool, because we feel that he really needs it and is old enough to benefit from it. I have been so against the whole idea with daycare just because I didn’t feel comfortable having someone else spending time with my kids and “raising” them. Also I did have the luxury of being at home with them this whole time because I am studying online. But now I really feel that he needs to meet other children, socialize, learn to feel part of a group and of course be a little independent from mummy because he is constantly seeking my attention.

STill I feel guilty and I think all parents do. I never had to go to daycare nor be with a nanny. If my mother was working I stayed at home with my grandmother. So, a lot of it stems from there, but especially now when I will be alone in Sweden I need to get some kind of relief and daycare is the only option.

Anyways enough with all my thoughts for today!

Next week I will be releasing a short introduction video of me and the kids so you get to see who we are!