Someone said to me when I was a child:

a face without freckles is like heaven with no stars“.

Woke up and looked at myself in the mirror after  quite a good night sleep and thought wow I have come a long way. Before I had children I couldn’t look at myself without makeup and feel comfortable. A lot of freckles, specially in the summer,pale skin, light eyebrows and eyelashes to the point were my classmates teased me and called me albino in 3rd grade. I think all of that sticks to you in life and it takes forever to brush it off. It’s a fact that as soon as you differ from the norm you will be teased or picked on and all of that just stems from being afraid of the unknown. Everything and everyone that’s different from what you are used to, especially as a child you will distance yourself from or teas because you just don’t know better. That’s why it’s so important to educate our children at an early stage about the differences in this world both culturally and physically. Then we will not be afraid anymore.

Ever since I had children they have made me not having the time to put on makeup everyday so I finally got used to stepping out of the house with no makeup for example when we go to the store or wherever it may be. I have learned that it is beautiful to have flaws and it’s beautiful to be different and raw and when you just don’t have the time then you realize what was all those years about before? So much time and energy wasted that could have been put on other things. Off course I still enjoy putting on makeup sometimes because it does enhance what you have but I am so comfortable without it too. And all women should be strong enough and say : yes I am different and beautiful just the way I am! I know it’s hard when you are younger especially in your teenage years but it will bring you so much more time and energy to excel in other areas in your life that will lead to happiness!

Power to all flaws!