Most people who know me, know that I have a secret obsession with Glute Exercises. Contrary to what most people may think when reading this, I don’t have an illusion of obtaining a Kardashian butt anytime soon, neither do I dream to have one. I just want to make sure that our dear friend Gravity doesn’t pull down what was once a nice, curvy feature of my body. Being a fairly vain person (understatement of the year) I do care about the bodily effects of having kids and growing older. It’s my preference, my little hobby and I keep it on a healthy and sane level (unlike some others out there injecting various more or less natural substances straight into the two cheeks, so brutal!)

At the gym nowadays, you often see rather scary chicks looking like they are going to murder someone with their black weight lifting gloves, large ear-phones and super coordinated outfit showing basically their entire 6 (sometimes a lot less) pack. I don’t hate on other women doing their thing, especially in the weights section, I solute them, but when it comes to glute exercises, the game gets a bit too serious sometimes. Changing the way our bodies are structured and growing substantial muscle mass is not something that happens overnight. It’s obvious that we are indeed effected by the image of the Beyoncé’s, the Kardashians and the Iggy Azalea’s of the world, but I still feel that’s a healthier obsession than trying to achieve the famous size 0 look. At least, growing your glutes, shouldn’t have any negative implications (unless your first attempt at lunges includes 100 kgs on your shoulders of course), rather, you could potentially become a really good biker and have great support of your pelvis. Congrats!! 🙂

My favorites are as follows:

Barbell Glute Bridges – Load that weight on, keep correct form and feel the burn! Classic glute builder!

Smith Machine Glute Kick Backs – Here I really feel the isolation, no other muscles are tempted to butt in (lol, sorry, just had to… I know, that was bad… really bad: ( )

Reverse stance on the Abductor Machine – This one is a bit unconventional perhaps, but it’s pretty darn effective!

Single Leg Deadlifts – Works both hamstrings and glutes. Took a few times before I could get the correct form (and not fall over in the process!), but it’s a great builder for both hams and glutes!

Bench Squat to Deadlift – I love the depth you feel during this exercise, you can really go on until your legs start shaking like spaghetti!

So, Mumz out there, get cracking on these butt exercises and ensure that mean, old Gravity doesn’t leave you with a flat pancake back there! Over.And.Out!