It is so exciting to be writing the first post ever here on Awesome Mumz blog, and I can’t help but to feel that this might be the beginning of something amazing!

I am a mother of 2 beautiful little boys. They are the most funny and charming little characters I have ever known. I also have a hubby, one that I love and who supports me in all my endeavors.

I have a fulltime job, I study, I work out, I do sooo many things.

The answer to your question is: No, I am not a super hero, and yes, I get overwhelmed pretty much all the time. Being a mother, working and having goals for myself, is challenging, but not impossible.

Me and my blogger friend Isabel, will share our journeys towards creating the best versions of us that we can be, in mind, body and soul. In that, we hope to inspire you awesome mumz out there to get up and commit to make the necessary changes in your lives for the better, and for good.

Remember, we gave birth, we put a person into this world… there is NOTHING we can’t do!